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...She's my Wife... (Chapter 11)
“The wedding will be quick to be ready. Snap of a finger and it’s done.” Alex said to Shadow.
They had a great dinner together and it was almost time for them to go home. Amy and Red went to the lady’s bathroom for chaos knows what. Right now both male and discussing about the wedding and the gala.
“Do you think we can slow down on the ceremony a bit?” Shadow asked after thinking about something.
“What do you mean? Knowing you, you want this to be done quick.” Alex blinked.
“Yes but, Rose is the opposite of me. As a thank you, I would like to make the wedding ceremony special for her.”
Alex smirked. “She must be a brave woman to have agreed to marry you.”
“More like stupid.” He sighed. “But I owe it to her.”
He looked at him as he kept looking at his ring. “Don’t get too close to your ‘wife’ Shadow. You’re a dangerous man and she’s the opposite of it.
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...She's my Wife... (Chapter 10)
It was the day of the dinner date with Shadow’s friend and his sister. Amy looked at her bed and saw her bag open with clothes and items she had bought and already have. She blushed cutely as she constantly look at the ring Shadow gave her. She remembered Shadow visiting her at the usual time and telling her he bought it for her as a surprise. He wanted to say it personally but he was too busy. She hugged him tight with a yes whispered through her lips and Shadow hug her back. She made him redo the whole thing personally this time. And so he did.
Amy giggled at the memory and looked at the body mirror. She know what to wear but she’s wondering if Shadow would like it. She didn’t bought much despite him telling her it’s okay but she still feels bad. She’s always thinking about her friends and Shadow. She knows not everyone is rich but still. Damn these rich people.
She sighed softly. “I don’t know.”
The years have been good to her. As she
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...She's my Wife...(Chapter 9)
Shadow looked into the moon light as Rouge float beside him. They were on the mission to assassinate a mafia leader of the Italian Wolf Pack. Target is 25 year old Alexander Novian. A well respected leader who has been giving the title after his father passed away when he was 16. He had a twin sister by the name of Rednaxela. His sister owns some branches of the mafia along side with their mother. The mafia is big and very dangerous. Mostly consists of wolves because the leader’s father was one. They have said that he is one of the ruthless and cruelest people in the world.
“He is heavily guarded. And he is not cocky at all than other leaders I have met. He’s smart. I guess this is what happens when you are always targeted.” Rouge whispered softly.
Shadow grunted as he kept looking at his watch. “Let’s just get over it.”
Rouge smirked and she started setting up her sniper gun. Shadow adjusts his gloves and gets ready to “talk” with
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...She's my Wife...(Chapter 8)
Blaze and Rouge were looking through rings as they excitedly brought Shadow and Amy with them. Shadow was clearly annoyed while Amy sweat dropped. After Amy had said that she accept being Shadow’s pretend wife, she surprised everyone including the dark hedgehog himself. Rouge and Blaze are basically teaching them on how to be the perfect couple. Which isn’t really necessary in Amy’s opinion. She thinks Shadow is thinking the same as well. 
“You do know this is not really necessary, right girls?” Amy said. 
“We know.” Rouge said. “But you can't meet them with a fake ring. They have to see that you are really his wife and that you love him.” 
“But they’re really expensive.” Amy frowned and looked at Shadow. “Is this alright for you Shadow?”  
“Anything to make sure I don’t marry the princess.” He said.
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...She's my Wife...(Chapter 7)
"So you're telling me, Shadow needs a wife so that he won't be forced into a marriage with a princess from his neighboring kingdom?" Tails blinked. 
"Mhm." Amy nodded as Shadow grumbled. 
The four friends are by Amy's living room as they said that. Amy and Shadow sitting on one couch while Sonic and Tails are sitting on another across them. What Shadow had said earlier shocked everyone to the point Amy quickly denied it and telling the two friends the truth. Sonic seemed to be relieved but the tension between the two hedgehogs grew more as Amy sweat dropped. 
"I know that Shadow is a prince." Sonic said and Amy looked at him. 
"Really?" She blinked. "You never told me!"  
"You never asked." He chuckled and Shadow made a face.  
"How did you know he was a prince?" Amy asked. 
"He's acquainted with my family." Shadow said and Sonic smiled embarrassingly. "My sister looks up to him as if he's her brother." 
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...She's my Wife... (Chapter 6)
“Here you go.” She put the plate down with a forced smile.
Shadow sat down and look at it. It says, B*tch
He smirk and looked at her. “I suggest you keep this side of yourself to a battle.”
She look at him as she sat across him. “Are you saying I’m scary when I’m mad?”
When you’re too mad, yes. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
She smiled.
Amy looked at Shadow as he eats. She can tell he actually likes it, he couldn’t stop eating. Poor guy. He must have been hungry. She eats a piece of her eggs and keep looking at him. She have a feeling something is bothering him. Sometimes he stop to think about something as he eats. What was in his mind?
“Is there something wrong?” She tilted her head at him
He kept eating as he look at her. “It’s none of your business basically, Rose.”
“I know that but I couldn’t help it. I feel like something is bothering you.
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...She's my Wife... (Chapter 5)
Soft moonlit night was bright and the flowers were blooming ever so right. One step came and came another as the crickets were chirping and distant music was held. This feels so right. No one is here. No one to disturb the peace that is wanted. 
Then everything starts to break. 
She instantly opened her eyes with a sharp inhale and slowly sat up. She looks around, sighed and covered her face. 
“Well, at least it isn’t the same thing every night now.” She mumbled and puts a hand over her racing heart.  
It was always the same time she woke up. Is it always a coincidence? She look at her clock as it showed bright red numbers. 3:05 AM.  
It has been changing. Her dreams. The places, the settings. It seemed realistic to her. What is going to happen? Will it happen? She hope not. She looked
:iconccaermz:ccaermz 4 4
...She's my Wife... (Chapter 4)
Rouge looks through the accessories section in search of masks. Amy was walking with her as she constantly look at Shadow waiting for them outside the store. She looks at the bat as she was having a hard time picking one.  
Her birthday is coming up. But this will not be an ordinary birthday. Turns out it will be by a really fancy place. It surprises her since it will be a masquerade ball. She didn’t see her as a formal type. Just by looking at the bat she is more of the wild and club type.   
Rouge picks up a weird mask and puts it on her face. “Does this work?”  
Amy made a face and giggles. “If it were to be a Halloween party then yes.”  
Rouge sighed and puts it back.  
“Hey Rouge?” 
“Mhm?” She goes through another mask.  
“Why a masquerade ball?” She asked. “Usually your birthday consists of clubbing and fighting and such
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...She's My Wife... (Chapter 3)
She softly breathes in and out as she puts on her apron and fix up her messy bun. She walks around as she glances her reflection in the mirror. She smile softly.  
Another day. She thought to herself as she giggled. It was only her as a worker in that store. Her mother inherited from her mother, who inherited from her mother and so on. Soon, she will inherit it, and she will never let it go till she gets to give it to her daughter. Her mother is her manager, but she likes calling her that just to mess with her. Her mother is great,  and sometimes she messes with Amy as payback.  
It was a tiny store but one of the famous stores in town. A little flower shop with the name “Rose Heavens” proudly showing. It consists of the most beautiful flowers, tendered and loved with care and is very unique. People loved the flowers and they love Amy too. Whenever a person needed her help, she always know what to do. Any events or occasions is no
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.galaxy.  by ccaermz .galaxy. :iconccaermz:ccaermz 2 0 Woof by ccaermz Woof :iconccaermz:ccaermz 2 0
::GLOMP:: =Memories= (Shadamy)
“Man, have you ever wondered what would happen if we never met each other?”  Silver said and everyone thought about it.
Everyone was at Tail’s house. Everyone just finished watching some movies and they were chatting altogether. Good thing that it doesn’t turn out to be a texting party. Silver put his arm around Blaze as she smiled at him. Tails was holding a bowl of leftover popcorn and eats them. Sonic was trying to beat Knuckles at a game of arm wrestling. Amy was laughing over hat Rouge had told her about the movies and Shadow was just his normal self.
When everyone was finished, Silver blurted out the question and everyone just look at him.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“Heh?” Everyone said with no emotion.
“Don’t ‘Heh’ me!!” Silver made a face as he flinched.
Everyone laughed and Amy said, “I’m sorry Silver.”
:iconccaermz:ccaermz 13 4
::Cocoa?:: =Sick= (Shadamy)
“What we have here is a huge snow storm coming in Mobius in about 5 minutes. So brace yourselves and be comfy, because this will go on for hours. Who knows, maybe it’ll go on throughout the night. Now to this weather forecast, tomorrow everything will be fine and bright, snow all over but it’ll be a good view after that nasty storm. Hope everyone is safe and this is Angelica. Back to you Chad.”
“Thank you Angel. Now recent study shows that a peanut can be really dangerous—” Click.
Shadow looked at the clock by the living room. 9:36 pm. Where is she? 4 minutes till the storm is coming and she’s not home yet. He grumbled as he felt a little bit worried. He would look for her now but he remembered what she told him.
“I’ll be by the supermarket to get fruits and some food. Want anything?” A pink hedgehog said as she put on her winter jacket. Shadow was cleaning his guns on the living room.
“I want you.
:iconccaermz:ccaermz 12 3
::RIP:: =Sonic Boom= (Shadamy)
 “Why do I have all these bandages wrapped around me?” Rouge groaned as she tries to take the bandages off her wings. “I have been in countless fights and wars but it doesn’t mean I have to wear these ridiculously and unfashionable toilet papers.”
“I agree with you Rouge but there is no point in arguing over about it. To me I think it looks good, giving off that war experience, don’t you think?”
“Well, when you put it like that I guess so. But I’m just going to have to do it my way if we are going to be stuck wearing these piece of craps.”
“Aw Rouge, don’t be like that. Be optimistic. I heard that if you kept being too negative, it’ll affect yourself.”
She scoffed. “Tell that to gloomy face over there.” She flicked a thumb behind her.
Amy looked over her shoulder and watch Shadow leaning back on a shady palm tree. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful, without a care in t
:iconccaermz:ccaermz 13 6
::I L-Word You:: =Cooking= (Shadamy)
Shadow and Amy were at the pink hedgehog’s house. An awkward silence filled the room between both hedgehogs as they stood on the porch.
“U-Uhm...Thank you for saving me—again.” The pink hedgehog clears her throat while her emerald eyes are looking at the floor.
“You’re welcome…” She heard the male hedgehog speak in a low tone. Amy’s ears perked up when she heard the floor creaked and her eyes darted up to see him turning his back to leave.
“W-Where are you going?” She asked.
“None of your business.” He grumbled.
“Are you going back home?”
“Do you have a mission from GUN?”
“Then where are you going?”
“You ask too many questions.” He smirked.
He got to admit…it is kind of…cute. He watches her get annoyed with him and sulk. Then she sighed and admits to herself, “Yes, yes. I am asking a lot of questions but what
:iconccaermz:ccaermz 16 13
...She's my Wife...(Chapter 2)
Amy walked on the sidewalk as she goes to work, wearing red pants and a floral shirt, a shoulder bag hanging on her right shoulder as she slowly walk, breathing normally and humming softly. She move a strand of hair away from her face as the gentle wind cools her. She shivered and puts her red scarf closer to her face and neck. She continued to walk straight on the sidewalk, looking at her watch and seeing that she has still an hour left before the store is opened for customers. 
She feels a huge gush of wind coming from behind her and she saw a blue blur passing beside her. She blinked twice till it came back again and a blue hedgehog was standing infront of her, wearing a green scarf and smiling jade eyes sparkle for her.
"Hey Ames!" Sonic smiled happily.
She smiled back with a cute blush. "M-Morning Sonikku..."
"So, uhm...ready for work?"
She nodded. "Mhm. Still got an hour left before the store opens," She look at her watch again.
He nodded. "Ahh okay."
She started m
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They're: :iconomgsocuteplz:, :iconhappybounce:, :iconlaplz:, :iconawwwplz:, :iconmonkeyloveplz: & :iconyayzplz:

Oh and these drawings and literatures (can be from journals) are great! :iconyayzplz:

Hey whats up! 

I don't know what's been happening basically. I believe last time I'm here was 2 years ago. I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure you're all sick and tired of me saying that but I really do. I have basically decided until i get a laptop (yep, still don't got one after all these years.) I'll be making stories in my phone. Through Word! (yayyy) 

yeah basically i didn't think it would be of use to e since i got it in my phone and tablet but i guess i'm kinda dumb enough to not think about it. here i am missing making stories when the solution to my problem is right by my fingertips, Like literally, it's right there!

Lmao so yeah as a sorry I am continuing "She's my wife" and that for now. Other stories I seem to have started and not continue at all must be kept unfinished in the mean time. All those stories i made about 5 years ago is now gone since my old laptip broke down and completely broke down 3 years ago. Rip Work... T_T


And my gallery, yeah, need to clean that out completely.
Probably starting anew, probably keeping some. All those photos need to go lmfao, all those cringey stories need to go as well. (Well I could just put them in a folder, how bout that.) It's gonna be a pain in the arse cause, as i checked, it's about 700+ stuff in here ;-; 


but yeah, I just wanted to get that out there. I don't know if anyone still remembers me or if anyone is willing to forgive me. Im sorry, I really am ;-;

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We bring you here to this urgent report about our dear Cc.
She is just a poor girl with a soft heart and a bad influence on grammar and spelling and due to the fact that she is retarted and dumb--
As you would see that she have dozens of mistakes in all of her stories and she would like to apologize for it. As for everything else, she would like to apologize to her family and friends that she is not going to be here in deviant art until she gets her new laptop. Poor girl ain't she. She hope that you understand and she hope that you would be with her always. She's willing to make up for everything she have missed and lost. She love you all. And she hope to see you soon.
Hello there!~
I'm just a have tomboy, half girl who is a fan of Sonic~ MOSTLY Amy and Shadow :D, Lol sorry blue blur xD

About me:
*An elder sister
*Mostly boyish in real life
*Likes cute things
*Always friendly, helpful, and kind
*Loves to see anyone smile
*Practicing improvement in my stories and arts
*Loves doing collabs
*Most certainly glad to be here in deviantart
*When I act my stubborn, boyish self, I would, obvious as always, be stubborn
*When I act my friendly, girly self, I would always be like that
*I love to do photography, whether it's random or serious xD
*Loves songs
*Really loves flowers
*Loves little kids
*Loves sonic couples that Im supported to and that I'm ok with
*Loves to make small poems :3


Thats ALL xP

"There so many nice things about me, I'm scared if I show the boyish side of me...TT^TT"

My :icondeviantartplz: Familia!

(I will welcome you to my new family if your interested. Just tell me who you want to be and Ill be happy to call you family~)

Twin sister: :iconohsnapitzsonicmacer1: (a.k.a Sonic-lover-best-twin-sister-friends! xD)

Weird nerd Sister: :iconwwwwh: (Well, i dont think she's weird :))

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plZ be My FrIeNd! I always like a person who's nice to me and could accept me as his or her friend.....:meow:
(and dont think about arguing with me coz of the couples i like coz i happened to love those and I am not a bad person....^^;)

And please donate! I would really be appreciated......:boogie:













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